If Gremlins Were Writing...

..This Is What They'd Say.

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* A Little Bit About Me *

Well, I'm a junior in college and living in Michigan. As a big anime/manga fan, some of my favorites are: Furuba, Last Exile, Sailor Moon, Utena and Alichino. I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, fan fiction and role-playing games. For the latter, I love any and all. :)

This is my fan fiction writing journal, and will remain fully open to the public.

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+ For my personal journal head on over to everydaypuck.

+ originalpuck: This is the host of my original fiction. Head on over if you're looking for stories that feature lost love, insanity, gender-queer characters, men in love with spoons, a faery with tentacles, or someone who dreams inside the head of the man he loves. ^^

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Demyx X Water ((No Current Graphic)) --> Found Here

"There's Nothing to Writing. All You Need To Do is Sit Down at a Typewriter and Open a Vein." -Walter "Red" Smith